Helpful Hints

Help Full Hints


  • Use uniform sizes of boxes and stack them shoulder high to maximise your total storage space.
  • Breakables and fragile items should be wrapped in bubble wrap and packaged carefully in cartons marked ‘fragile’.
  • Stack the lighter boxes on top of the heavier boxes.
  • Keep weight of boxes under 15kg.
  • Fill boxes to capacity, partially full or bulging boxes may tip or collapse
  • Pack boxes so they are evenly balanced and won’t tip over and damage contents within
  • For security reasons, don’t label cartons with content details, rather make a list and number the boxes, listing what is in each box. Label boxes on all sides. Keep a list that details contents.
  • Heavy items should be packed into small boxes so that they are easy to lift
  • To maximise space stack similar sized boxes together
  • Mirrors, records and flat items should be stored on end, not flat.
  • Books should be stored flat, and in small boxes.


  • Avoid stacking or leaning furniture against outside walls to aid ventilation
  • Do not place heavy or sharp objects on top of upholstered furniture
  • Wrap table legs with bubble wrap before storing
  • Store couches on end, chairs seat to seat, tables upside down with legs pointing up
  • Use dust covers/bedsheets to cover your furniture



Make sure all appliances are clean and dry before storage

Tape all appliance doors shut when moving

Secure all moving parts

Wrap small appliances in bubble wrap for protection.

Wedge refrigerator and freezer doors ajar. Placing charcoal inside the refrigerator will combat mould.

Use a good quality padlock. Cheap locks rust.