• A deposit of one month’s rental is payable. On vacating the container your deposit will be refunded subject to an inspection of the Container.
  • If your debit order is returned UNPAID you will be charged a penalty.
  • If your debit order is returned UNPAID a second time you will be charged a penalty and we reserve the right to cancel your contract.
  • Your deposit may NOT be used as the last month’s rental.
  • Northern Self Storage will not accept any responsibility for damages or loss. All goods are for your own insurance cost.
  • We do not accept cash or credit cards for payment.
  • Rental of a Storage Container is subject to the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the Lease Agreement.



1x3m Container = R600 INCL VAT

1x6m Container = R900 INCL VAT

Individual Registrations:

Company Registrations:

Or download Customer_Details from here and return via email or fax